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Five steps to an affiliate programme:



There is a lot of information available about how performance marketing works, the best way to tailor your research is to contact us. Our sales team can offer advice on proceeding with a programme, no matter what sector, audience or size. Phone us on 020 7553 0425 or email to get things started.



Our performance marketing solutions fit to the individual needs of each client. Once we have gathered all necessary information we will supply a tailored business proposal. As part of this process relevant metrics such as unique visitors and general site conversion will be required. It is vital that as much information on the brand’s proposition and aims is given so we can provide a solution that works for all parties.


Technical Integration

Affiliate Window’s MasterTag technology means just one simple integration provides a huge deal of flexibility for the future. Additional technologies can easily be added without the need for further technical work. Various options are available for more granular tracking, flexible validation of transactions and hosting of sophisticated publisher resources, such as product feeds and creative, all of which are clearly outlined by our integration specialists and in our integration guides.



Alongside technical support, all clients receive marketing advice, ensuring that a promotional strategy has been considered. When all publisher requirements are in place and all contingencies have been tested will we launch a programme to publishers and partners. Affiliate Window’s communication channels provide support including announcements across internal portals, industry-wide forums and social media.



From launch Affiliate Window’s solutions set in motion the tools and support needed to continually optimise and develop a performance marketing programme. A comprehensive reporting suite lets clients analyse traffic and transaction metrics providing the insight needed to develop bespoke strategy around individual publishers, types of traffic, seasonality and many other factors. To ensure new clients get the most from the network, one complimentary place at our comprehensive bi-monthly training seminars is provided.


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If you have any questions or would simply like to talk through an opportunity with our sales team, please drop us a line on 020 7553 0425 or


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